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So that the last trip is made with the utmost dignity, we have a fleet of vehicles specially equipped for funeral services. This fleet is composed by various types of vehicle to meet the needs and tastes of each.







The Cremation is the reduction to ashes, of the corpses through combustion.

The first cremation took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in the Cemetery of Alto de S. João on November 28, 1925. The crematorium was closed in 1936 and reactivated in 1985.


The Burial (burial of the corpse) and Cremation are practiced from the remotest antiquity. Christians from the beginning admitted only to burial.


Today all Christian denominations including the Roman Catholic Church, allow Cremation, having been lifted its ban in 1963, by Pope John XXIII.


In several countries of the East that is the cultural tradition, the Catholic Church accepts it, here and there, since everything is done in a great respect for the human body.


The authorization granted for Cremation is in accordance with the law and obtaining it should be regarded as if it were a traditional burial, because in most jurisdictions that are close, it was established the full equalization of Burial figures (grave corpse) and Cremation (ashing), with the advantage of the latter being more environmentally friendly, health and transport of ash from the Cremation of a corpse be free, as long as done in appropriate container.


The ashes have a light color, have a weight of about 2 kgs and a volume of about 2 liters.


The ashes can be conducted to the Roseiral or the Cendrário.


They may also be deposited in ossuaries, perpetual graves, Funerary private or at home - as you can see in one of the novels that appears in one of the TV channels - Since there are various types / shapes / designs of urns that can adapt / match the furniture of the house.


It remains to add that urns used in the Cremationare devoid of metal pieces and can not be coated with varnish, the cremation process begins at a temperature of 400 degrees C and ends at 1200.




1 – The employee may be absent justifiably:

                        a)Up to five consecutive days, on the death of a spouse not separated from people and

                           goods or relative or affine in the 1st degree in the direct line;

                        b)Until two consecutive days, on the death of another relative or related in the direct line 

                            or 2nd degree in the collateral line.

2 – Apply the provisions of paragraph a) above in the event of death of person living in unmarried or same household as the employee, pursuant to specific legislation.



- Grade 1 in direct descent



Father / Mother / Father in law / Mother in law / Stepfather / Stepmother


Son / Daughter / Stepson / Stepdaughter / Son in law / Daughter in law




People who live in Union Fact or household as the employee




Any degree in the direct line and also to 2nd degree in the the collateral line



Grandfather / Grandmother (own or spouse)


Grandson / Granddaughter (own or spouse)


Brother / Sister / Brother in Law / Sister in Law - 2nd Degree Collateral Line


Great Grandfather / Great Grandmother (own or spouse) - 3rd Degree Straight Line


Great Grandson / Great Granddaughter (own or spouse) - 3rd Degree Straight Line




These absences usually fall in justified / authorized absences
by the employer



Uncle / Aunt / Nephews - 3rd degree of collateral


Cousins - 4th degree of collateral



- Value of Goods (It is made free by the State / Finance )

Must be done within the following three (3) months of death. Ie: the month of death does not count. (Eg: He died in January, may make up to April 30 ).

Documents that are required to take:

   - Photocopy of the Identity Card and the Taxpayer Card (or just the Citizen

     Card ) of all heirs, as well as the deceased.

   - Booklets of vehicles and weapons 

   - Photocopy of Death Certificate, to confirm the date of death.

- Rely on your friends        

Do not hesitate to let others help you - if they volunteer for this and you really need help.

- Take care of your health

Grief may exhaust you, especially in the beginning. Your body more than ever needs rest, healthy exercise and proper nutrition.

Postpone important decisions

If possible, wait until your thinking is most lucid, before deciding things like give, sell, destroy or changing jobs. Because we can give, destroy, gift others with some belongings of our family member and later realizing that they were things which were / goods / souvenirs that he loved and that you would have liked to save.

Be patient with yourself

Grief sometimes lasts longer than people generally realize. Monthly / annual memories of their loved one who died may renew the pain. Special pictures, songs, phrases, or even meals or certain smells can trigger tears.

- Make concessions to others

Try to be patient with others. Understand that it is a difficult situation for them. Not knowing what to say, perhaps awkwardly say something wrong.

- Beware of using drugs or alcohol to endure the pain

The relief given by drugs or alcohol at best is temporary. Medications should only be taken under supervision of a doctor. But beware, many substances are addictive. Furthermore, the process can continue to weigh. A pathologist warns: "The tragedy needs to be supported, sustained, and over time, rationalized, and unduly delay it through medication drugs you can prolong or distrocer this process." The Lasting relief will come by Prayer.

- Return to Normal/ Regular Routine 

In the beginning, perhaps you will have to force yourself to go to work, shopping or taking care of other responsibilities. But check back to normal routine which will make you a great good.

- Do not be afraid of ending extreme grief

Oddly enough, some mourners are afraid of ending up with the intense grief, thinking that this might indicate that your love for the deceased is decreasing. Simply is not so. Get rid of pain paves the way for memories estimated which undoubtedly will follow you forever.

- Do not be too anxious

Perhaps you notice that you begin to worry: What will become of me now? The Bible advises us to live one day at a time. Living longer on a one day at a time really helps. Jesus told his disciples: Never be anxious about the next day, because the next day will have its own anxieties.

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